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"Feeling lost in his day-to-day existence, Red has trouble making a decision that could potentially change his life."

"Now That I'm Thinking" is the first short film directed, written and produced by me. With it, I wanted to showcase my technical knowledge and experience in 3D medium that is combined with passion for narrative filmmaking and atmospheric audiovisual design. With a cast of imaginative and quirky characters that are put in dream-like, but human situations, this film has set the foundation for my future works, as I am starting to develop new projects.

"Now That I'm Thinking" has premiered at Pictoplasma 2023 Festival on May 5th, 2023, and is currently not available online as its going through a festival run. But once it's done - I will make sure to announce and properly premiere it to the public. If you are interested, make sure to follow me on the social platforms below!

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