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Bathroom Ghost

A short film I made in over a month. I was taking a break from my other projects and decided to do so by starting another project. Main goal and concept was to recreate and capture a dark, barely lit environment with vague light source. The idea of a slow dancing ghost has been in my head for a while and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine these 2 ideas together. I photoscanned my actual bathroom for scale and visual reference and then modeled the assets by following the scan. The ghost was sculpted by me in Zbrush and cloth sim done, as well as render, in Blender.

Another aspect I am very proud of is the sound design. I've been always experimenting with sounds and music, but this was my first project where I could combine both my visuals and audio together. Garageband synths and pads, audio recordings from outside; this soundtrack was made hand in hand with the visuals, where the visuals dictated the audio, while audio influenced the visuals.


I have released a full soundtrack on and made a playlist on YouTube.

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